Traditionally made with sausages on a stick coated and deep fried with batter, Korean corn dogs, commonly known as "Kogo", have been around since the 50s in South Korea and are a staple street food amongst its locals.


Riding on its increasing popularity, the founders of Chung Chun decided to come together with one goal in mind: to bring together the addictively delicious taste of the traditional Kogo and innovate and introduce new flavours for people to enjoy a different and unique experience.


Chung Chun was established in the district of Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, in January 2017. Chung Chun created a secret recipe developed over time and countless trials to produce their signature Korean Rice Sausage.


Within one year from their first store, they have expanded to 200 stores locally in South Korea alone, and are currently recognised globally, with stores opening in China, Vietnam, Australia, USA and now in Malaysia.


Chung Chun's impressive feat has led them to receiving the "Brand of the Year" Award in 2017 and 2018 consecutively in Korea.


Our brand "CHUN" derives from Chung Chun, Korea, and it also carries the meaning "awesome" or "great" in the colloquial Malaysian language.


We believe that every Malaysian deserves the best when it comes to eating. Here at CHUN, we source only carefully selected premium quality ingredients that goes into our signature Korean Rice Sausage and CHUN drinks that have been perfected over time in order to produce sensational flavours for your tastebuds.

All our products are made to order to ensure that each and every experience you have with us is always CHUN!


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